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Full Stack Engineer

> We're hiring for a Full Stack Engineer. You'll build new tools and platform components that span our full stack of technologies: front-end browser and mobile code, back-end HTTP and web sockets servers, specialized WebRTC and media systems, and large-scale video quality/reliability analytics pipelines.

At, we build video APIs that let a developer add video chat to any site or app — in minutes, on a global infrastructure, with features for every use case and team. Live video has leapt into mainstream use, and this is just its first phase of growth. APIs are designed for this and other key shifts, where video now is part of any app, developers rapidly build with services, and APIs provide value to cross-group product teams.

Our customers use our REST and javascript APIs to create lots of different kinds of workflows built around live video. We have a very, very long list of capabilities and features we want to add to our platform 😊. There's also an infinite amount of optimization and debugging to do.

We're hiring a Full Stack Engineer. If you like working at multiple layers of an application stack — from the database layer up through to code running in browsers — we'd love to talk to you. We're very javascript-centric, so you'll be writing lots of javascript code. If you have experience in at least one of the following areas, that's great too: building data analytics pipelines, working with real-time media, or the care and feeding of webpack and babel.

One thing we love about our work is helping other developers and product teams build what they envision. If you share this perspective, are excited by early opportunities, and committed to a good team culture, please reach out!

What you'll do

Example projects:

  • Our recording infrastructure makes use of of WebRTC, MediaSoup, and FFmpeg. So we have all the pieces we need to implement live transcoding and streaming to rtmp services (MUX, Facebook Live, YouTube Live). We just need to write a little bit of code! And design a few new API endpoints. And some supporting UX. Oh, and tests, and build some dev-ops integrations…
  • We log a lot of performance data about video calls. We want to log even more, and make all the data we have about each call available via our developer dashboards. So we need to make some decisions about data storage, design new API endpoints, and implement really easy to use and understand new graphical views of what happened over the full duration of a video call. Once we've done that, we'll want to go back and think about how to aggregate the data we're collecting into useful "account-level" call metrics…

Who you are - do you love…

  • Working at multiple layers of an application stack, from the database layer up through code to running in browsers
  • Writing lots of javascript code
  • Bonus if you have experience in one of the following areas: building data analytics pipelines, working with real-time media, or the care and feeding of webpack and babel.
  • Have 5+ years of engineering experience

Who you'll work with

  • You're an early hire on the engineering team!
  • You'll work with colleagues across the team; you'll report at least initially to our CEO.
  • As a remote team, we use asynchronous tools and daily reports to stay in the loop. We also have relied on practices like a daily standup call, weekly written updates, and 1:1s with managers. (Here's an older blog post from our CEO on communications heartbeats he's used over time.)

More about the role

  • As noted, 5+ years experience is desired.
  • Salary: $120,000 - $190,000, based on experience. (We evaluate experience relative to the experience of the other members of our team.) Compensation is independent of location, and we offer competitive benefits and equity.

More about us

  • Please take a moment to learn about us, As it says, we care deeply about what we build and seek kindness and diversity. We think work/life balance is important.
  • We believe diversity is part of excellence, and seek teammates from all backgrounds.
  • We have an office in San Francisco, but we're a fully distributed company, so remote applicants are definitely encouraged!
  • Applying for jobs and interviewing is tough — thanks for considering us. We wrote this to explain our hiring process.

If you are interested in this role but are not sure you are a fit, please reach out to us anyway. Job descriptions are always just starting points, and we would like to meet you and be helpful in any way we can.

Apply now

If you're interested in joining us as a Full Stack Engineer, please email

  • Attach your resume or LinkedIn.
  • Tell us a little bit about why you're interested in what we're doing and any relevant experience you have.
  • Please also include pointers to code or GitHub. Thank you!
Posted on Monday, April 06, 2020
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We make a video chat API that makes it simple to build with video. With 2 lines of code, a developer can add live video to any website or app. We serve millions of video call minutes a month.
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